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Pai Gow Poker Game instructions

  • Place a Bet – Click on a chip to place a bet, eg, click on the $1 chip to bet $1,

  • Deal cards – Once you have placed a bet, the deal button will light up. Click the button to get the cards dealt. Player gets 7 cards face up. Dealer gets 7 cards face down.

  • Make Hand – Click on the 2 cards you want to make your front hand. The house way button will change to a ‘done button’. Click the ‘done button’ to make your hand. Alternatively, if you want to play the house way, just click the house way button. This is a great way how to learn how to play pai gow.

  • Winnings – If you beat the dealer on both hands you will win. The game pays even money but there is a 5% commission to pay. For example, if you played for $10, 50 cents will be subtracted from the winnings, eg, you will be paid out $9.50.

For more game information view the extended Pai Gow Poker Playing Guide

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